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Saturdays show (April 19th) on Mixcloud

Saturdays show (April 19th) on Mixcloud

They say change is good, but what is better is the surprise of change. On my show we had a surprise in the shape of a track released for charity and penned by a very own Andy Jordan -aka Revival Synth.

Aitor aka Chatterbox2011 composed the music to this track and he kindly added my lyrics and 2 years later we have agreed to use the track as a means of supporting DJ Dave Charles and his…

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Saturdays Show (April 12th) on Mixcloud

Saturdays Show (April 12th) on Mixcloud


Shiny Darkness – Your Eyes

Running through my head secretly The shout of the boys in the factory I’ll ring you on the telephone silently Like blood, like wine in the darkroom scene, Darkroom scene- not quite a London marathon but a busy show none the less, with new tracks from Tourists and France’s finest, Shiny Darkness.

A classic bit of Synth heritage on That Track That Started It…..and in the…

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In Search of Peaty from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.

Ed is back!

After last year’s Internet phenomenon, “The Chop” which had over 32,000 views and a showing at the Kendal Mountain Festival, Ed Oxley aka Great Rock is back with more stories from the hills.

“Despite an apparent beheading at the end of his last film, Ed has returned! Come with him as he joins Andy McKenna from Go Where Scotland on another journey of discovery, not this time into the strange alternate universe of Accrington, but instead into the wilds of Scotland. Ed searches for the ‘Peaty’ he’s heard so much about but never tasted - but what will this search lead to?

A story of bothies, bogs (both sat on and rode over) beer, bikes and something Peaty….

The first from a series of four longer videos scheduled for 2014, this story of adventure chimes with Ed’s plans for the rest of the year, with a whole host of new guided trips in the UK and abroad, adding to the renowned skills courses run by Great Rock

For 2014 Great Rock Is Sponsored by

Chromag -

KS Seatposts -

Santa Cruz Bikes

Shimano -

X fusion

Magic Rock Brewing -

Alpkit -

Shot and edited by Benji Haworth

Many Thanks to Andy McKenna and a certain World Champion for helping to make it happen.

Music by The Black Angels

Saturdays Show (April 5th) on Mixcloud

Saturdays Show (April 5th) on Mixcloud

Another week passes with me attending a first aid refresher course; so your all be safe in my company- not. We mentioned that…. On the show we had new music as normal and this time from Future Perfect and Gary Numan…. A remaster from Spacebuoy and a twist on the TWOFER, plus a spot of Roxy Music and Grace Jones in the classic camp……

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