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Saturday Show (July 26th) on Mixcloud

Saturday Show (July 26th) on Mixcloud

Almost the end of July and we have had some of the most annoying weather for me, absolute blistering Sunshine one minute  and soaking wet  thunderstorms. Sunglasses to an umbrella ella… Still it must be a concern for those up in Glasgow as they delivery the Commonwealth Games for 2014; maybe not for someone who runs like a ‘Bolt ‘ of lightning ..meep meep…..The-Road-Runner

So I was  glad at least all things…

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Chats and tunes

A mix bag of a collection of my chats with just some of my music guests in the studio and on the phone, at gigs and in session. There are loads more contained within the Mixcloud editions of my radio show on Phoenix 98 FM.  





So why not have a gander at this little array….

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Come where the hands are clapping come where the toes are tapping

Come where the hands are clapping come where the toes are tapping

listen to ‘Come where the hands are clapping come where the toes are tapping’ on Audioboo

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Saturday Show (July 19th) on Mixcloud

Saturday Show (July 19th) on Mixcloud

Another busy show, In the studio this week I had very special guests, who I have had the pleasure of seeing play live a few times, but not really had that nice long chat. So as I say, this week I was joined by two members of Speak and Spell, the UK premier Depeche Mode Tribute band- Keith Trigwell and Joe Beaumont.  We set about chatting around the joys and issues of getting the balance right,…

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