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Saturday Show (Aug 30th) on Mixcloud

Saturday Show (Aug 30th) on Mixcloud

I may say this at the end of every month, more or less, when it falls on my show day, but boy don’t the months fly by. Which I guess can be a little annoying. However, I can tell you what is often annoying and that is the odd voicemail messages; which was the subject of my chatty bit today- mine message  was to help me find god. BwOmGVYCMAEXW-xdramaels91017133242960
We had a brand new single  named ’10’, which is from…

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Saturday Show (Aug 23rd) on Mixcloud

Saturday Show (Aug 23rd) on Mixcloud

After weeks and months of social media and TV hype, the UK had its beloved Doctor Who back, with the 12th Doctor – Hmm, .. who do think your are kidding Mr Moffat if you think I’m on the run; to my Telly- well I did give it a little watch. Without giving spoilers, for me it was well worth the wait; not just because I have a passing resemblance to  Peter Capaldi, but because it seems to have kept…

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Saturday Show (Aug 16th) on Mixcloud

Saturday Show (Aug 16th) on Mixcloud

Another week over, with more  riding the crest of wobbly weather again, which I may agree seems a regular topic within my show blog as it is; I’m sooo British. Still from a fairly selfish point of view, it helps to be indoors, in a car or under some form of cover to enjoy the show sometimes; less interference by life.

We had a few new tracks this week from Vogon Poetry and Mcooleys. I got to…

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From the debut album ‘Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change?’, released 14 February 2013 on the Nerve Echo label.

so bass pumping, sticky sizzle, tacky toffee hot you’d fry
she giggles, winks and wiggles, on stiletto heels too high
empty straw gurgles, cherry lips drain milkshake dry
with powder puff fluff doggie, titillation totters by

she’s bubblegum, pink polkadot, rasps a girly, “Hi!”
flirty skirt, tight low shirt, lids flutter; gives the eye
butt so pert, hard tits alert; heaves a wanton sigh
coy, beguiling, slutty girl could make a grown man cry

sly coquettish, knows your fetish, doesn’t have to try
dream soft skin, you’d jump right in; in ecstasy you’d die
ripe red wet mouth, dilated pupils know you will comply
finger licking kiss curl twirled, too sweet to tell a lie

she role plays, “Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth; I’m so shy!”
but she’s a bird of prey, she pulls you closer with your tie
lashes quiver, talons linger on your bulging fly
only when you’re snared and hard, you’ll find out she’s a guy.

Lyrics by Helên Thomas

From ‘Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change?’ released 14 February 2013

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