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Saturday Show (Sep 20th) on Mixcloud

Saturday Show (Sep 20th) on Mixcloud

So all the north of the border voting’s all been and done, so I thought I won’t mention that situation, However I did deliver a cheeky Scottish anthem type leaf motif, which could have been the new blue face, rally rouser type tune. I spoke briefly about the fantastic TEC003event of last week, as it was an amazing night of surprises and quality music.  I also looked forward to the slightly…

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Saturday Show (Sep 13th) on Mixcloud

Saturday Show (Sep 13th) on Mixcloud

Always a busy live radio show on a Saturday at Phoenix FM, never a chore for me….well I don’t like to gripe; much. But then it is pretty easy to moan when you have superb music, and today was no exception to that rule, with brand new music from Vivien Glass, Junksista, Say Lou Lou and Apache Darling. Vivien Glass Junksista Say Lou Lou Apache Darling

Plus there were of course a few classic tracks, and a look forward to an event called TEC…

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Saturday Show (Sep 6th) on Mixcloud

Saturday Show (Sep 6th) on Mixcloud

It was one of those week, with me scrabbling around the barbers yesterday and the sad fact that they technically found hair sticking out of my ears, well I made sure the music on my show was loud today- need to blast those freshly trimmed follicles. Talking of being technical, we chatted about the launch of more must haves, with all the joy of tech and those new fangles smart watch type smart…

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Saturday Show (Aug 30th) on Mixcloud

Saturday Show (Aug 30th) on Mixcloud

I may say this at the end of every month, more or less, when it falls on my show day, but boy don’t the months fly by. Which I guess can be a little annoying. However, I can tell you what is often annoying and that is the odd voicemail messages; which was the subject of my chatty bit today- mine message  was to help me find god. BwOmGVYCMAEXW-xdramaels91017133242960
We had a brand new single  named ’10’, which is from…

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